Monday, August 1, 2016

July iphone photos and kids say

It's August! Time to recap July with iPhone pictures and Kids Say, which has a lot more entries than last month. 

kitchen helpers, watermelon eaters, and a matching family (half accident)

1) those clasped hands, waiting patiently for her turn to pick a color. Adorable. 2) One afternoon we attempted going to Forest Park. It was super hot and miserable and basically a total failure...soooo....
3) and 4) We went to another park at sunset and it was pretty perfect (besides Evangeline falling in the pond haha)

top two pictures--Desmond's birthday 
bottom two pictures-- a trip to get donuts when our electricity was out for 24 hours and all of our food went bad.

after the donuts, we went to Suson Park to kill some time. But I wimped out quickly because of the heat (not before Kai got his picture with the pigs--which basically made him the happiest kid on earth.) He also requested a picture with Des because they matched.

a dream come true--a daughter that asks for me to take pictures of her in pretty dresses!

1) Glucose test--yuck! I passed..but I did find out I'm anemic. I started taking liquid iron the other day. I will update soon with how much it has/hasn't helped! 2) New dining room chairs! Only took me almost 9 years of marriage and one year of home ownership to pick them out haha 3) 29 weeks 4) "Mommy, when we go to the doctor, I'm going to put these bracelets on my baby sister." We love these bracelets from June and Penny!

We thoroughly celebrated National Ice Cream Day/Month. Don't worry, we aren't going to stop celebrating just because it's August ;)

This is the last bump shot that Maggi and I have together, from last week (40 weeks and 30 weeks.) Mabel Scout was born on July 30th. This sweet little baby girl was seemingly healthy for 20 minutes after birth until she went limp and started turning purple. Blood was found in her lung but the cause is a mystery to the doctors right now! She's stable, and adorable, but she really needs our prayers--along with her mommy and daddy, who obviously want to snuggle this precious baby and get her home.

I'm kind of looking forward to starting to add some school into our days pretty soon. We need some structure!! But I also need energy. So we'll see what happens. Happy August!!

Kids Say

I decided to go with a bold red lipstick for church. When Kingston saw me he said "Mommy, you look like the Joker!!" Nothing like starting off church feeling self conscious!

Me--"Do you guys want monkey bread for breakfast?"
Kingston--"I'll try monkey bread. I don't think it's good for me but I'll see if I like it."

Liam--"Mommy, my stomach is hurting right here."
Me--"Well, at least we know it's not appendicitis since you don't have an appendix."
Liam--"Maybe part of my appendix ran away before the surgery and now it's over here."

Evangeline--"Mommy! Look at the clouds in the sky! They're so....slobbery."

Checking out at Aldi, the cashier noticed Kingston's Beatles shirt..
Cashier--"I like your shirt! Are you even old enough to know who The Beatles are?"
Kingston--(pointing to George Harrison and John Lennon) "Them's two are dead!"
Yes, thanks to his mom, he knows a bit about The Beatles.

Kingston messed up the "tent" that Liam and Evangeline had been playing in.
Evangeline--"Mommy, Kingston messed up our tent."
Me--"Kingston, you need to tell them sorry."
Kingston--"Sorry, Missy."
Evangeline--"Don't say sorry to me. Say sorry to Liam."

As the kids were playing house..
Kingston--"I'll be the boy Grandma."
Me--"That would be the Grandpa."

Kingston--"If the electricity goes out then UFOs can't fly."
Liam--"Yes they can! They use gas."

As she was eating mini marshmallows...
Evangeline--"These are my medicine...because I'm a mommy."

Me--"Does everyone need to take a bath today?"
Kai--"Yeah! But not with fish in the water!"
Kai--"Yeah, I don't want them to eat the dead skin off of me."

Kai and Evangeline were fighting over who got to put their hand on my belly to feel the baby move..
Me--"Guys, there's enough room for two hands to be on my belly at the same time."
Liam--"Yeah! Definitely! There's tons and tons of room!"
Me--"Thanks, Liam."
Liam--"....there's tons and tons and TONS of room!"

Kingston--"Last night I died in my room when the bombs were booming." (lightning and thunder)

Me--"Would you guys like it if Daddy and I went to the beach without you?"
Kingston--"No. If you did, I might pick my nose."

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