Thursday, August 18, 2016

Exploring STL--Grant's Farm and a picnic

The past few days have been pretty wonderful because Don took off work for the entire week! He has been on the night shift for over 6 years now (and stays on that schedule for his nights off) and it feels like we're always feeling the stress of that schedule. So I suggested having him take a week off to have a staycation so I could sleep in (which I really never, ever get to do!) and we could just enjoy time together as a family on a normal schedule. It's amazing how much we've been able to accomplish already. Everyone is so relaxed and happy--which really goes to show how much this was needed for all of us.

Anyway, I have, surprisingly, been feeling pretty great lately (I'll post more about that soon!) Or, I guess I was, until after a full day yesterday haha. Don had never been to Grant's Farm and the kids and I haven't been in a while so we wanted to work that into our week somewhere.  
I am honestly not an animal fan but I love watching the kids light up when they see/interact with animals. Kingston and Evangeline were too terrified to go in with all the goats (I don't blame them--the goats kept biting my dress!) but Liam and Kai loved brushing them.

Kai has a major obsession with pigs. If he sees a pig, even a picture of one, he goes crazy. I'm serious, the obsession is probably more than my obsession with ice cream--and that's a lot! So I had to include this picture of him with the 3 little pigs (and a picture of Kingston because after he saw Kai getting his picture taken, he wanted one too.)

I love when my kids unintentionally match (they both picked out their own outfits without knowing what the other was wearing.) These two in their mint outfits were just too cute together.

We picked a really good day to be there. Kids are starting back at school so it wasn't too crowded and it wasn't too hot. But we were sweaty at this point so the boys couldn't resist getting soaked in these sprinklers.

When we're at a place like Grant's Farm or the zoo, I usually end up with a memory card full of pictures of the backs of their heads. I don't know why, but I still love these pictures. I guess it's because I love to step back and watch their friendship. There has been much less fighting this week since we've been able to just spend this relaxed week together.

It's even better when all 5 make it into the shot!! (along with our outdated double stroller that could REALLY use a replacement.) 

We packed a picnic lunch to eat at the park after we were done with Grant's Farm and it was the cutest scene that I ever did see!

Complete with a napping baby in his carseat! The ducks were really bold and came over to get some of the crumbs that the kids dropped. (And may have stolen bites of a sandwich from Evangeline, who wasn't guarding it as well as she should have haha)

This little headband is from the juice shoppe. I won it in a giveaway and it was supposed to be for her baby sister, but she wanted to wear it as soon as I opened it. I can't blame her because it is absolutely adorable!

And this one of Desmond had to be included---that little fistful of food and his chubby little baby body. It won't be long before his baby fat will starting coming off and I'll just be left with memories of the baby pudge.

I asked them to line up really quick for a picture. The hand holding was all their idea. I barely was able to snap a few pictures before they started play ring around the rosie and it was the cutest thing in the world. I love that Desmond is started to be included with all of their playing. Having lots of little ones isn't always easy..but when things like this happen, I seem to forget the hard parts.

And now my body is paying for our long day out yesterday (along with spray painting 8 shelves for the kids' rooms during the hottest part of the day!) So today is a day for rest, finishing some more house projects, and maybe some mini golf and dinner out tonight!

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