Tuesday, August 23, 2016

birthday and bowling

8 years ago, I became a mother for the first time when Liam was born. It amazes me how fast that time went. I mentioned on my instagram/facebook how I've realized that all those mom clichés are true. When those old ladies come up to me at the grocery store and say "Enjoy them, they grow up so fast," I always let them know that I've already gotten a little taste of how fast it goes. And with each child I have, it seems to go even faster. That's why I try to savor every stage (including pregnancy!) I can barely remember what life was like with only one child...and even harder to remember life before kids.

 We had planned to take the kids to play some miniature golf during our staycation but changed our mind (literally, at the last minute.) We pulled into the parking lot and, for multiple reasons, decided to not play golf. There was also a bowling alley at the same location so we decided to do that instead. 

So we kind of turned it into a birthday bowling outing. Evangeline didn't want to play and Kingston dropped out after the first game. But Liam and Kai loved it. It was kind of hilarious watching them struggling with those 6 pound bowling balls. They started out by cheering each other on until they both realized that they actually wanted to win. So they started celebrating each other's mistakes instead haha.

Gotta love that pose, ready for a victory dance! If you know Kai, you may know he has always celebrated everything by dancing--this started before he was even a year old. Just wishing I didn't cut off his foot in this picture.

The next day was Liam's actual birthday. We started the morning by attempting to check out garage sales (and not finding many!) Liam really wanted to try a donut shop called Ex Cop Donuts. We thought they were pretty good. The real treat was when a worker gave us free donuts as we were about to leave because she found out it was Liam's birthday. So I think that made his day. He also requested banana pudding as his birthday dessert. I didn't find out until later that he had never actually tried it before. He was just in it for the vanilla wafers (which would have been a much simpler dessert on its own haha) But I did get help from him and a couple of the other kids when I made it (was it really helpful or was it more work??)

And birthday pictures on the front porch are a must--right before we headed out to his fancy birthday dinner at the McDonald's playplace (always a request by the birthday boy/girl!) 

This sweet moment--captured by Kai, ruined by Kingston.

I wish I could go back in time when Liam was a newborn. I would be able to give myself a lot of advice--to snuggle more and worry less. He has taught me so much through these past 8 years that I have been able to use to raise the others. The poor kid has had to put up with my navigation through motherhood but he has always given me grace as I've learned. It's been amazing to see the fruits of our labor with him, that all our hard work has paid off. We love our little 8 year old!


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