Wednesday, August 24, 2016

34 week bumpdate

It's been a while since I've updated with a pregnancy update. My last one was my 28 week bumpdate video. I thought about making another video this time around but I honestly can't even watch the first one because it makes me cringe so bad. So a good old fashioned blog post is what you'll get. 

I'm 34 weeks now--only 6 weeks away from the "due date." (Quotation marks--because I can't stand that term. None of my babies have been born on or before their "due dates" so I think it's just a term that sets women up for disappointment.) Last night it occurred to me how close that really is and kind of made me slightly panic. I knew we would need a new van because we will be outgrowing our 7 passenger van, but I kept pushing it to the back of my mind because "we don't need to stress about that now." Well now, we do. So now we're on the search for a used minivan that will seat 8 (because I'm not ready to commit to a big, dorky van yet.) 

Not much has changed since the last update. Each pregnancy had been getting harder and harder on my body until baby #6 came along. While I do have some aches and pains every once in a while, this pregnancy has been so much easier for me than any of my others! Heartburn is a rare occurrence--whereas I used to get it all day, everyday with the other kids. The back and hip pain that had me thinking "I'm never doing this again" with the past two pregnancies, has barely showed up this time around. 

So exhaustion is still really my main symptom. In case you're wondering, I've been using the liquid iron for almost 4 weeks and I still don't feel a difference. I had a few days when my energy levels seemed to be improved, but not anymore. I guess the anemia is not what is making me exhausted--it's just this mom life.  

Shortly after the last bumpdate, claiming that we probably wouldn't decide on her name until birth, baby girl was given a name! We have decided not to announce it until she is here but it has been fun to imagine a sweet name attached to a squishy little newborn.

Ice cream is still my major craving! But after seeing pictures of myself and how big I'm getting, I decided it was time to try to cut back a bit. We'll see how that goes! 

Her kicks are becoming a little stronger but I would still consider her one of the least active babies of the bunch. The kicks are always what I miss the most after it's over so I enjoy every single one of them, even the uncomfortable ones. However, I can't say that I'll miss the bladder kicking. 

I really am just trying to enjoy every bit of this pregnancy. And even though I look in the mirror and feel huge and swollen, I love to photograph this pregnancy as much as possible. The pictures are just so special to me! 
(all these pictures were taken today--while I wasn't wearing makeup--so I had Don cut my face out of all of the shots. #reallife)

I had to finish out this post with this little photobomber who seriously kept coming up and standing between us and the camera. It was pretty hilarious but I had to banish him to the indoors so we could quickly get a few pictures.


  1. 34 weeks! How exciting! Not much longer. I can't speak for you but looking back I felt like those last few weeks really went by. I understand that feeling of panic. I had the same thing happen to me when I realized I wasn't prepared enough... I'm still trying to organize Isla's stuff.
    I'm glad you decided on a name! That is always such a stressful thing to decide. Exciting but such a major decision. I can't wait to hear what it is!!
    I also really loved your little bump update video. It was cute but I'd probably cringe if it was me too. What do you film and edit with? I've always wanted to make a video but I'm completely clueless.

    Heather | The Arbitrary Fox

    1. Thank you! We love making videos but I tend to edit myself out of them, especially if I'm talking. I'm trying to work on being in front of the camera more though! We just use our DSLR to video (canon 60d.) You have to have a memory card with a fast write speed in order to record more than a few seconds at a time. And I just use windows movie maker to edit. It's really basic but it's easy to use. My husband wants me to learn premiere and after effects but those programs seem so overwhelming to me! Videos are a lot of fun to put together though! And they're even more fun to go back and watch. We watch all of our videos pretty regularly. The kids like to see all the videos we've made as a family :)

  2. Wow!!! I love seeing all your pictures and updates! Baby #4 was so hard for me! On my body and the exhaustion!!! Don't know if lil #5 will come! Lol!!! Can't wait to see your squishy newborn!

    1. Thank you!! My pregnancies really all were pretty tough, especially the past two! It's been amazing to me how much easier this one has been. The exhaustion is a bit much, but I do think that would come with or without pregnancy! I'm really looking forward to having another newborn as well! The lack of sleep makes me insane, but I'm obsessed with the newborn stage! So many snuggles :)


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