Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Memorial Day

So first thing's first. I had the honor and privilege of sharing a little of my story over on Babble with an interview titled "This is Why You Should Never Judge That Mom in the Grocery Store with Five Kids." Ultimately I pray that when people read my story, God gets all the glory for what He has done in my life. Nothing that I have done is even worth boasting about. He gets all the credit. And I also want to say thank you to all the many people who shared, liked, commented, etc. on the article. I really couldn't believe that so many people even read the article!

And now on to Memorial Day...

A few days ago, I shared our first family vlog. It was the video version of our Memorial Day. But you know when I have the DSLR out, I have to take some photos of this cute little clan of mine. (Ignore the weeds behind him--we've been working on those! In other news, does someone want to come do my gardening for me? Nothing harder than working with these rock beds when you're a newbie and have no idea what you're doing!)

After spending the early afternoon playing out in the yard for a bit, and having a picnic (that was not so peaceful, especially when a giant spider arrived!) We drove up to the Citygarden for the evening. You may already know of my obsession with this downtown splash pad from our visits HERE and HERE.

I didn't spend as much time taking pictures as I normally would because we were working on the vlog. But I couldn't resist getting a few (or 250 haha) because this is just a happy place for us all. 

One of the best things? When we go here, no one fights over anything. They love to play together and come up with fun games and races. It makes my heart so happy!

Our camera battery was just about dead by the time it got dark so we were reserving that for videos. But the nighttime fountains are what make the evening trips worth it! We like to go after 7 to get free parking and a little bit of daylight hours to play and take pictures. But our favorite part is seeing the fountains light up in all the different colors.

I'm a little behind with posting because life is SO BUSY right now. But I hope you have a good week!

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