Tuesday, November 3, 2015

October iphone and Kids Say

October was a very good, very busy month. Let's just get straight to the pictures.

Don and I were able to go on a little day date this past month. It involved amazing ice cream from Ices Plain and Fancy! It's pricey but definitely worth checking out. I even talked Don into taking me back for my birthday this weekend :)

We love the Graffiti Wall! There's an amazing Star Wars mural right now!

Lately, my favorite pictures are the ones with all/most of us. Every time I see my family squeezed in a little square, it makes me so thankful for all of them. These are the pictures I will treasure the most.

1) I love my baby girl. 2) Penelope and Kai are inseparable when we're together. I love their friendship. 3) Des begged me to do one more round of "rainbow baby." 4) Sink bath and kisses from his sister.

pumpkins, donuts, and pumpkin donuts.

lots of city exploring this month and a couple of trips to IKEA!

Gorgeous weather, amazing sunrises, and the beautiful colors of fall

We did some family pictures with Rachel in October and I can't wait to share them with you! She did an amazing job!

and ending October well with our homemade Halloween costumes. Even after wearing myself out to finish these costumes and keep up with everything else in life, I woke up on November 1st with the most amazing idea for next year's costumes. Stay tuned ;)

And for any who were bummed that there was no Kids Say last month, this month should hopefully make up for it!
Kingston--"I want two million dollars....in tickles."

While Evangeline was holding Desmond, he started drooling and she said "eww! Him's crazy!"

Me--(a question for school) "What would you do if you were given a cat as a present?"
Kai--"Give it back. Or donate it."

Kingston saw a lawn care guy parked across the street from our house, smoking a cigarette in his truck. Kingston said "Cool! That guy is blowing bubbles!"

Liam (talking to Kai)--"I just saw steam coming from your foot. Like you stepped on something really hot and now there's steam. Or maybe it's just a piece of hair."

Kingston hurried up and flushed the toilet after Kai went potty and Kai (in a frustrated voice) said "hey! That was MY pee!"

Kai--"Everything is awesome! Even booties are awesome...'cause they make you go potty."

I was quizzing the kids on different animal baby names. Kai got excited and wanted me to ask about horses next. You could tell he just KNEW the answer. So I asked what baby horses were called. He yelled "UNICORNS!"

I asked Evangeline if she wanted me to kiss her boo-boo. She told me no so I made a sad lip. She asked "You crabby, mommy?"

(During school)
Me--"Back in the 1200s..."
Kai--(interrupting me) "Is that when you were born?"

I was setting some pieces of cake on the table for the boys to eat. When Kingston saw me, he yelled "Guys! Get over to the table! Something's happening!"

Kai--"I can hear my heart beeping."

Desmond has a cold that is producing a lot of snot/boogers.
Kingston--"Hey! Why is Des so nosey?"
Me--"What does that mean?"
Kingston--"You need to sneeze him."
(AKA--use the bulb that we commonly refer to as the 'snot sucker.')

Me--"What did you learn about in Sunday school today?"
Kai--"It was Luke....not the Luke from Star Wars....Luke from God."

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