Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June iphone photos

First of all, it's July!! That's exciting for a few reasons. 1) I will be having a baby this month!! 2) My BFF is getting married (in 3 days!!!!!) 3) It's national ice cream month! Ice cream has pretty much been a part of my daily diet for the past few months so I guess it's not that big of a deal. But at least now I have an excuse--I have to celebrate these occasions.

June was a pretty crazy month for us. July will also be a big month for us, but I'm hoping it'll be more relaxed (says the woman who's about to have 5 children to take care of and a whole house to pack.)

At the beginning of the month, Rachel and I went out and took some pictures together--seen HERE and HERE.

National Donut Day was in June--so of course we celebrated. We ended up hitting up 2 Krispy Kremes for their free donuts. I'm pretty sure my kids thought I was pretty cool that day :)

We also made our way to the City Garden again. I'm pretty sure that the towel cuddling was the cutest thing ever. **Liam was much happier than he appears in the photo!

For Stef's birthday, I got to spend the evening with Stef, Zeke, and Maggi. Lots of craziness happened that night but it ended with a delicious ice cream cone. I treasure these outings with my best friends because they definitely don't happen often anymore.

In case I haven't mentioned it enough, Maggi is getting married in 3 days!! 

The bachelorette party started with some delicious drive-in burgers and ended with an ice cream party, a tornado warning, and lots of laughter.

Did I mention that the tornado touched down within a couple of miles from us? There was at least a half an hour of storm watching from Stef's front yard **for everyone except the pregnant woman and children :( We were exiled to the basement.

And also--we bought a house!!! After years and years of waiting, praying, searching, and saving, saving, saving, we finally found a house! It has the most gorgeous natural light and open floor plan that I had been praying for. And the Lord provided much more than I had even expected. I can't wait to share more when we move in next month!

just a few random pictures 1) I pass this Farmer's Market regularly and it is the cutest 2) Downtown skies 3) A new shirt for baby boy--don't be surprised if you only see him wearing this for the first month 4) popsicles= summer

And I'll finish off this post with a few maternity shots from the past couple of weeks. 

With only one more week until my "due date," the baby could arrive at any time! My mind is so unprepared but my hips are saying that they are ready for this baby to get out. And these hips don't lie ;) Any predictions when he'll be born??

I hope you have a great July! Make sure to eat lots of ice cream :) 

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