Monday, July 6, 2015

Jeremy and Maggi's wedding

Maggi and Jeremy are married! After months of counting down to the wedding, the day has come and gone, leaving me with all kinds of emotions. I'm blaming pregnancy--being all kinds of excited for them but also feeling the sadness of the day being over. The good news is that the baby stayed put during the wedding. Now we'll have to convince him that it's safe to come out.

I can't wait to see the pictures that their photographer got--I know they are going to be amazing! But here are a few that I snapped on my phone throughout the day.

Our dresses were all kinds of fun with the mixed floral patterns!

One of Maggi's obsessions is sprinkles--therefore, a sprinkle send off :)

Isn't she a gorgeous bride??

this was my all-time favorite way to toast to the bride and groom!!

love is sweet--and so are donut towers!

Best friends for 22 years. It's been a tradition to take BFF pictures together over the years. It is so special that now we can include our husbands in the tradition!

This photo booth was a special way to remember Maggi's Grammy who passed in 2013. And it was super cute! #jeremagz

I love him to the moon and back :)

I'm so excited for the new Mr. and Mrs. Griesse as they start their new lives together. And thankful that they took the big risk of putting me in their wedding--4 days before my due date!! I can't wait to see what the Lord has planned for them!

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