Friday, June 12, 2015

St. Louis night life

That blog title drew you in, didn't it? Well, if you have kids and you're looking for something fun to do in St. Louis, maybe it will be relevant.

I should be a spokesperson for the Citygarden. The two times we've visited this year have been two of my favorite outings with the kids. This time I really wanted to be there after the sun set so we could also see the fountains all lit up.

We got there a couple of hours before sunset so we could swim in the pools. The splash pad was pretty crowded when we got there but was pretty much cleared out by the time the pool closed at 8. 
(the only pool open that night was a pool for kids 5 and under. If you are wanting to swim in the other one, you may want to check to see if it'll be open)

this kind of has an Olympic gold medalist vibe, eh?


If you ignore the fact that my arm kind of looks like a nub, I sort of love this picture of Evangeline saying "hi" to Kingston.

Also ignore the giant water spot on my stomach, left by a little girl who shall not be named ;) I really wanted a shot with the fountains. But I think there was some sign posted somewhere that stated "if you see this family trying to take a picture, do whatever is necessary to photobomb it." 
We had almost the whole place to ourselves at this point. But there always happened to be oblivious kids jumping in all of our shots.

Even though we had been playing there for 2 hours already, the boys went crazy once the lights were more apparent. Liam declared it "so much more fun than playing video games." How's that for a review?

The darker it got, the harder it was to photograph. So you'll just have to trust me when I say how awesome it is at night. The kids said they had even more fun than our last visit--which of course made me decide that we have to visit one more time before this baby is born. And of course, after he makes his appearance. 

And that appearance? Hopefully that will promptly follow my best friend's wedding on July 4th. The weeks leading up to the wedding will be filled with many events, extreme nesting, and a waddling pregnant woman with rapidly dying brain cells. 
Thanks for reading along :)

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