Saturday, April 4, 2015

March iPhone photos

Looking back on March with iphone pictures. If there is an acceptable amount of pictures to post, I passed that limit. 

pretty sure Don called me a hipster for taking this

22 weeks

I'm so glad snow days are in the past now

Evangeline woke up just in time to get a picture with the snowman. She was so impressed!

Baby boy does not like donuts as much as I do. So unfortunately I've had to cut back :(

There was a small concern with my anatomy ultrasound that led us to another one. Thankfully the issue resolved itself and everything is healthy!

I just love being the mom of a girl!!

pi day

This picture was featured on ModCloth's Instagram! AND I scored a $100 gift card. Thanks to Maggi for snapping it for me :)

(24 weeks)

Ted Drewes!!

a fun free printable for spring 

zoo trip

my people

a little bit of style and a whole lot of sass

25 weeks


and finishing up March with a colorful trip to the Sculpture Park!

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