Thursday, April 30, 2015

April iPhone photos

A little recap of April, via iPhone photos...

26 weeks
(spring calls for lots of floral crown appearances!)

spring storms are our jam--the kids love dancing in the rain
 and the way her hair curls when it's wet is one of my favorite things!

pregnancy inspires creativity---
I introduce the s'more bagel.
toast a bagel, add chocolate chips and marshmallows, and broil until your preferred toastiness (the more burnt, the better!)

speaking of delicious treats--cadburry mini eggs!
Why did I not realize how good these were until now? Craving these so much!!

happiness is having 3 older brothers to collect dandelions for you

sugar addicted? yes!

when your backyard randomly sprouts up pretty purple flowers for the first time---photoshoot!
(ps. I know my neighbors have got to look out their windows sometimes and think I'm pretty strange!)

This little girl loves to mimic everything her big brothers do. Sometimes that's a bad thing and sometimes it's awesome! #starwars

28 weeks

let's not even talk about how grown up she looks :(

30 weeks
I had to get a picture of our matching pink converse

and I can't just stop at one!

This is what happens when the garage door owner catches you taking get a free family photo!
(by the way--can you tell who was being a little stubborn about our photoshoot?)

thankfully, it looks like they're already on their way to having more artistic talent than their mom!

And now on to May!!

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