Thursday, April 30, 2015

April iPhone photos

A little recap of April, via iPhone photos...

26 weeks
(spring calls for lots of floral crown appearances!)

spring storms are our jam--the kids love dancing in the rain
 and the way her hair curls when it's wet is one of my favorite things!

pregnancy inspires creativity---
I introduce the s'more bagel.
toast a bagel, add chocolate chips and marshmallows, and broil until your preferred toastiness (the more burnt, the better!)

speaking of delicious treats--cadburry mini eggs!
Why did I not realize how good these were until now? Craving these so much!!

happiness is having 3 older brothers to collect dandelions for you

sugar addicted? yes!

when your backyard randomly sprouts up pretty purple flowers for the first time---photoshoot!
(ps. I know my neighbors have got to look out their windows sometimes and think I'm pretty strange!)

This little girl loves to mimic everything her big brothers do. Sometimes that's a bad thing and sometimes it's awesome! #starwars

28 weeks

let's not even talk about how grown up she looks :(

30 weeks
I had to get a picture of our matching pink converse

and I can't just stop at one!

This is what happens when the garage door owner catches you taking get a free family photo!
(by the way--can you tell who was being a little stubborn about our photoshoot?)

thankfully, it looks like they're already on their way to having more artistic talent than their mom!

And now on to May!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April days

In the past couple of weeks, we've made several trips to visit grandparents and great-grandparents. I didn't pull out the DSLR for those trips but I did take some on my phone so I'm just throwing them all together here.

of course I have a child who loves dogs as much as I dislike them

my April birthday boys turned 30 and 5 this month

Evangeline and Brownie go way back. A little over a year ago, I posted a picture of these two together. When Evangeline disappeared at my Grandma's house last week, I found her petting the chicken and saying "it's nice!" 

Ignore the major photography fail with the rope in front of his face. I still love this picture!

 For the past several years, I have given my two older boys the option to either wear a hat or let me fix their hair when we're leaving the house. They pick a hat every single time. 
**I don't give them that option until they are old enough to realize that if they pick a hat, they can't take it off while we're out! (mean mom?)

sometimes it comes down to asking my 6 year old to quickly snap a picture to make sure I keep documenting this pregnancy.

In other news, our new mattress (and pillow) arrived today!! In Liam's words "This is the comfiest pillow in the world. This is the comfiest bed in the world. You guys have the comfiest combination ever!" 
Total happiness in this house tonight--especially since I'm finally down to the last 10ish weeks of pregnancy!!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

stop and smell the tulips

One very hard lesson I've learned throughout the years is that things don't always go according to plan. I think that's especially true when you factor in a family. In those times, it's good to remember that God is sovereign over all things--even though we may never know why things turn out like they do.

A couple of Mondays ago, we were planning on taking the kids up to Forest Park during Don's weekend. That was the day that Evangeline was diagnosed with an ear infection and pneumonia. So we rescheduled to the following Monday. 

Well, once again, plans had to change. Our boys were coughing and feverish all weekend (which also meant we had to miss out on our church's Bible conference.) Then on Saturday night, while driving home, our van started making horrible sounds and eventually the power steering went out. Thankfully we were able to pull right up next to our house and we weren't stranded on the side of the highway.

Long story short--someone was able to come fix our van on Monday and it was much cheaper than we had expected! However, since the van was being worked on, that meant we couldn't load up the whole family to go to the park.

I had a doctor's appointment that day, close to Forest Park, so Kingston was my buddy for the afternoon. Of course it was kind of chilly--and super windy--but he was a good sport about it for the most part. We just had to rush to see all the flowers.

"The flowers smell like marshmallows!"

gotta love the way kids remind you to take the time to stop and smell the flowers--over and over again

our exciting trip became much less exciting to him when he realized we were not going inside "the castle."

(remind me to print and frame this one!!)

When a stranger comes by and offers to take a picture of you and your freaked out 3 year old. **not getting framed! But it does make me laugh.

we did miss the prime time for the tulips but they were still beautiful!


and I'll leave you with this super artsy belly shot. --photo credit: Kingston

Have a good weekend! (And make sure to wish Don a happy birthday tomorrow ;) )
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