Wednesday, February 25, 2015

maternity pictures

A couple of weeks ago when Rachel and I did the gender reveal photoshoot, we took some typical maternity shots as well. It was kind of funny to me because at this point 1) I feel like I'm just showing off the impact of my bad eating habits and 2) there are only so many different ways to showcase an expanding waist line. 

I have come to realize that I almost always prefer pictures of myself when I am not looking at the camera.

So thank you, Rachel, for sharing your gift with me and allowing me to document this point in my pregnancy. ***this was at 18 weeks

In other news, my best friend got engaged(!!) and I am now gearing up for being a very pregnant bridesmaid in her wedding!! 
I'm looking forward to these months of wedding planning! I have been praying for this day and I'm thankful to see how the Lord is working it all out.

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