Monday, December 1, 2014

November iphone photos and "kids say"

November was a good month, even though I had pneumonia during most of it. We celebrated a few birthdays, a couple of new Rockport babies, hearing my baby's heartbeat for the first time, and so much good food and dessert!

Bonfire season is always the best. I can never say no to a s'more.

the Lovings surprised me with delicious chocolate chip scones on my birthday

3+ weeks of pneumonia calls for Full House marathons

the first snow of the season--with Rachel :)

two(!!) donut cakes for Kingston's birthday

We haven't put up Christmas decorations for years. This year we put up a small pink tree. It works for now but I'm holding out for a big white or colored tree!


Thanksgiving pie

this makes me happy

Maggi and I saw "Mockingjay." By the way---great movie! 

This next picture has kind of a strange story. I have always been a dreamer. Like, I have crazy, vivid, intense dreams pretty much every night. I spend the rest of the day thinking about the dream I had the night before (or the ones I've had years ago.) But the other night, I had one long, not exciting dream. For what seemed like many hours-worth of dream time, I took my time picking out colored pencils, sharpening them, and arranging them in a heart shape so I could take a picture for Instagram. I had a vision. It had to be fulfilled. So the next day, I blistered my fingers just so I could take this picture. And there's your daily dose of weirdness.

And this "kids say" post should pretty much just be called "kai says" because he's the one who contributed to all but one of these. 

"Kingston, do you love tickles?",
"what do you love?",
"uhmmm... punching",
"what else do you love?",
"what else do you love?",
"princess leia"

Don had just played "Happy" by Pharrell on his guitar
Don--"So did that sound like "Happy?""
Kai--"Yeah, but your face isn't the same color as his." (Pharrell's)

Me--"I love you guys so, so much."
Kai--"Oh! So does that mean we get candy now?"

Kai--"Mommy, I love you more than cake."

Kai--"Does everyone in the world have boogers, except God?"

Kai--"Eww, what smells so stinky?"
Liam--"Maybe it's daddy's breath."
Kai--"It smells like a stinky diaper."

Kai was complaining that his dance moves weren't as silly anymore because he was just "getting too good" at dancing. 

Happy December!

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