Saturday, November 1, 2014

October iphone photos

It's November! Kingston and I have birthdays this month (along with some other friends--and hopefully a new little birthday buddy!) so it's sure to be a good month. Before I share these pictures, I should probably go ahead and admit that I never completed this month's Month in a Minute. I was having a terrible time being creative. I decided to spend more time working on quality instead of quantity. 
Don may have called me a quitter---since I didn't make it the full year. But I'm very excited to work on different videos now!

you may have already seen the video that I made with Maggi while we were downtown

Maggi was a good sport--posing for dorky pictures/videos

it's an emoji wouldn't understand

you gotta do whatever it takes sometimes

last minute costume--female version of Han Solo

Kingston has been consistently voted the most photogenic person in our family

...those moments when you're trying to read the Bible but you're being distracted by the Dark Side....literally.

Evangeline was the cutest Princess Leia 

Halloween was good to us this year

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