Sunday, November 9, 2014

Early November

Has anyone noticed that the older you get, the less exciting birthdays become? Yesterday I turned 27...and while the day wasn't exactly the most thrilling, we did get to go to one of my favorite places (Salvation Army) and have delicious burgers (Five Guys.) But since we didn't get to try a new burger place, I'm going to pretend we never actually celebrated my birthday. Burgers are my thing--and I'm on a mission to find the best.

We went to my dad's house this past week. I have a hard time not pulling out my camera each time we are over there.

this is Scarlett--isn't she beautiful?

This little guy will be 3 next week. That sweet face just begs to be photographed. But of course, in true Roberts boy fashion, he busted his face on a brick the other day. I'm glad I got a couple of his face before it got covered in wounds.

a few random pictures....
our little friend, Legacy

Liam with his first science project, an edible cell

Don and his much anticipated Martin guitar. He was leaping with joy after this purchase!

How's that for a random post? Have a great week!

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