Thursday, October 16, 2014

kids say

Another edition of "kids say." But first, an impromptu photo session of Kingston playing in the leaves at family camp...

Kai--"Daddy, your voice sounds sound like Han Solo."

Kingston--"Chewbacca is in the house of The Lord."

Me--"Kingston, are you stinky?"
Kingston--"Yeah....sometimes. Sometimes I'm a robot."

Kai--"A fly just flied into my eye so I said 'fly, there's no food in there,' and then he flied back out."

Kingston--"I need medicine...cause I'm crabby."

Liam--"I don't like pigs...because I don't like ham."
Kai--"Pigs don't eat ham."
Liam--"No, pigs are made out of ham."

Liam--"Friday is my favorite day of the week because you get to eat fries!" (Friday=fry-day) 
*note: sadly we rarely ever have fries. But this should be a new tradition for Fridays.

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