Monday, October 6, 2014

apple picking (part two)

As I promised in my previous post, apple picking (part one), I'm back to share some of the pictures from Rachel's camera. Let me just say how hard it was to narrow down which pictures to post. She took so many beautiful pictures that it was hard to not post all of them!

Also, you may notice that there is only one picture of our whole family together. We weren't actually there for family pictures but she snapped a quick picture of all of us before we got started. When you have 4 kids, you stop expecting a perfect, smiley picture with everyone looking at the camera and you call it a success when everyone ends up in the same shot with no one crying!

I love these shots with my baby girl

All my kids love Rachel, even Evangeline (who usually wants no one except me)

Liam refused to eat any apples--he hasn't liked them for years. But today he has changed his mind and decided he loves them.

I'm very thankful for a beautiful friend who has an amazing talent! I can honestly say that this was the least stressful photo session I've ever experienced with my children. We had such a fun day and (thanks to Rachel) we have some beautiful pictures to remember this season of life!

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