Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Great Forest Park Balloon Race

Before I begin this post, check out my new blog logo, hand painted by Rachel! Isn't it amazing? She is not only extremely talented in the world of photography, but she can do amazing graphic design. Pretty soon she will be designing new hand painted prints to sell. I cannot wait to purchase some of her beautiful work to fill my home. And I hope many others will join me in pressuring her to start making them ASAP!

And now, The Great Forest Park Balloon Race.
Saturday was the annual hot air balloon race in Forest Park. I had been to the balloon glow years ago, but had never been the the race before. Ever since we purchased our camera in March, I had been looking forward to going to the race to take some pictures. There's just something wonderful about those colorful balloons. And even better with the Lovings and Gunbys :)

if there's something free to be found, we will find it. but these drinks were so gross that the kids wouldn't even drink them.

Legacy's little pigtails blowing in the wind :)

and now an abundance of balloon pictures

This was the perfect way to end the summer!

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