Friday, August 22, 2014

kids say..

Just a few random pictures of these kids that I love...and also a few cute things they've said lately


Liam--"hey daddy?"
Don--"yeah Liam?
Liam--"wait, nevermind...I'll ask mommy because she knows everything."

Me--"Kingston, don't give Evangeline a bottle. We're trying to get her to learn to be a big girl."
Kai--"Kingston, you can give it to her because I want a little girl."

Liam--"Are wigs for when you don't have a head?"

Liam was reading a text message from Maggi outloud--
Liam--"Mommy, Maggi Loving said 'that's how I roll.' I think she sent that text yesterday since that's when we had rolls."

As Kingston and Evangeline were climbing all over Kai, Kai said "I don't have time for this!"

Kingston--"mommy, you're pretty"
Me--"no, you're pretty"
Kingston--"no, Elmo's pretty"

As the boys were playing with their Star Wars toys, Kai quoted that famous Star Wars quote--
"May the forest be with you!"

Have a happy weekend!

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