Thursday, July 31, 2014

July iPhone photos

Another month behind us--which means another dose of iPhone pictures and a new 'Month in a Minute' video, coming tomorrow!

jedi school

this sunset was amazing! Those extremely dark storm clouds were just in a canopy above us

baby girl sported her first pigtails this month. I'm in love

salted caramel+dark chocolate=perfect!

this hipster child was not too pleased that the barista didn't give him latte art #firstworldproblems

fun times were had with strep and a breathing treatment

...because my friends are strange and amazing
and baby Zeke will be making his appearance in August!

outdoor reading on cool July days

 and watercolors!

okay, so Liam and Kai really were thrilled to meet Anna and Elsa--but that didn't translate well in a photo. This picture=hilarious!

With Zeke's upcoming arrival and Liam's 6th birthday in a few weeks, August is sure to be a good month!

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