Tuesday, July 8, 2014

iphone pictures and "kids say"

Just popping in to share some pictures that were on my phone...along with some of the stuff my kids have said lately.

this picture isn't actually from my phone...but I never shared the picture from the Gunbys' gender reveal--it's a boy!

Maggi and I have this special ability to always match without planning

we welcomed Sophie Ray into the world a few weeks ago :)


her face is hilarious--but look at those eyes!

seriously amazing brinner

the boys got to test their new rain boots last night

we spent a good chunk of the night watching the storm. our power was knocked out for 4 1/2 hours

Liam--"Do bad guys take care of their blankies or do they rip them?"
Me--"What do you think?"
Liam--"I think they rip them."

Kai--"mommy, I like your shirt!"
Liam--"mommy, you know that I always love your hair when you have curls."
Kai--"mommy, I don't tell you that I love your hair because I always love your hair."

Me--"Liam, you are strong!"
Liam--"Kai is stronger. He can lift anything....except things that are too heavy."

Kai--"I love brownies! But not talking brownies."
Me--"Have you ever seen a talking brownie?"
Me--"Then why did you just say that?"
Kai--"Because I do not love them."

Liam--"daddy, does blood hold me together or does glue?"

Kingston--"I'm sick mommy!"
Me--"where does it hurt?"
Kingston--"My toe"

Liam--"I like when I get indentions on my arms and legs (like from socks.) It's like an apricot tattoo!"
['apricot' is the color he uses to describe our skin color]

more "kids say" here

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