Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Celebrate America

Each year, First Baptist Church of Arnold has a 'Celebrate America' event. There's food, rides, a car show, a motocross show, and fireworks. This is our second year going. We met up with some families from church and enjoyed a fun night with beautiful weather.

Kai had just found a ladybug, so he was a bit distracted

a picture of a a picture being taken of a corndog inside of a corndog
even more extreme than Maggi's #corndoginception

fair foods are always a good choice

(photo by Kai)

 I was so sure that Evangeline and Kingston would hate the fireworks. Evangeline actually giggled while watching them--which I guess pushed her into a slaphappy mood for the next hour, giggling about anything, everything, and nothing. Kai had a momentary breakdown from being scared, but he recovered quickly in his daddy's arms.
It was such a fun evening! So glad that we went!

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