Tuesday, June 10, 2014

our vacation (in iphone pictures)

We arrived home late last night from our Outer Banks vacation. I feel like a zombie today but if I don't get started on these blog posts, I will never get them done. Instead of sifting through our (approximately) 28gb of pictures/videos, I'm going through my nearly 500 iphone pictures first. Let's just say that I am enjoying photography. 

I'll be breaking up our trip into a few other posts, but for now--here's our vacation, in iphone pictures...
***I am giving you fair warning that this post is loaded with pictures!


a quick stop to see Mark


I didn't think it was possible to actually relax on the beach with 4 young children. It's so possible when they all love it.

a date with Liam to the kite festival

If you made it this far, congratulations! That was probably far too many pictures for one post. We had an amazing trip--but it's so good to be home.

More posts to come over the next week!

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