Friday, June 13, 2014

OBX vacation (part two)

You know how I've mentioned taking a lot of pictures during vacation? The final tally ended up being about 1600 pictures. That's a lot to go through. An even bigger task is to narrow it down to an acceptable amount for a blog post. I'm not sure what "acceptable" is, but I'm pretty sure I often break the rules.

Anyway, if you read part one of our vacation, you know that I left off with our trip to the Wright Brothers Memorial. After that, we headed back to the house for lunch and then packed up to go to the beach.
You'll notice this post is packed with mostly pictures of Evangeline, Don, and me. I didn't realize until looking through all of them. On the beach, the camera stayed by our stuff for the most part. Oh well. The good news is that the boys had an awesome time with the grandparents.

 Enjoy a multitude of pictures of my sweet baby girl :)

her swim suit and hat--love!

the boys were able to play with the grandparents while Don and I sat back and relaxed with Evangeline.

she loved eating sand!

that face!

we took far too many pictures of birds during the week. I will not make you suffer through all of them.

After a couple hours at the beach, we headed back to the house to get cleaned up and have dinner. My dad grilled burgers for us! Then Eileen took us to see the sunset from just a short walk away from her house. The boys wanted to stay back at the house and watch Netflix with Grandpa. So we just took little Miss with us this time.

Thank you, Eileen, for showing us this beautiful location! It was such a great spot to see the sun setting. And for dealing with us turning every situation into a photoshoot.  

Next post will include a sunrise date with Don, a trip to Festival Park, and another trip to the beach--with a rainbow!

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