Monday, June 16, 2014

obx vacation (part five)

Finally made it to the last post in my vacation series. Thanks for reading along with all of our adventures.

I'll start where I left off in the last post. 
We had just gotten done with "the best beach day ever" and went back to the house for dinner before we headed off to the sand dunes for another sunset. Can anyone see, from reading these posts, why I am still recovering from vacation? We enjoyed getting to see and do everything..but it sure is exhausting.

Our grand plan the next day was to go to the kite festival after breakfast. The sand dunes are not very fun to walk on during the day...even when the temperature isn't too bad. I'm talking like mid-70's...gorgeous, perfect weather! But our feet were burning as we trekked through the sand. You think we would have remembered this from our last trip, but I guess we had to re-learn our lesson. This outing was so not pleasant. Hot sand, burning feet, crabby toddler who kept sitting in the sand and saying "don't wanna walk," and to top it wind. No wind=no kites. We hiked all the way the dunes to find out that the winds weren't strong enough to get the big kites out yet. At this point, we were ready to just go back to the house. But not before I got a cute picture of Liam by the water.

Evangeline and Kingston took naps while the rest of us took some time to relax. But the later it got, the more we were pushing it to try the kite festival again before it ended. Liam still wanted to go so I asked him if he'd rather go with me or daddy. He chose me :) So we had a little date. We parked much closer this time and we wore our flip flops. It made for a much more enjoyable time.

Liam got a little kite flying lesson. Now he's ready to buy one!

Out of all the kites, the rainbow kites were his favorites

I was kind of partial to the giant flying panda

After dinner, we headed out to the beach for a walk at sunset. We brought a bucket to collect seashells. We filled that thing. This was my favorite part of our vacation. Perfect weather, perfect beautiful sky, lots of seashells, and the absolute perfect lighting for pictures! I wanted to get a picture of each of us with the ocean in the background. 

but poor Evangeline never got out of that backpack--and she actually left the house with no bow! If you know me, that never happens. I was pretty sad.

it's like a 'hidden picture' game. can you see it?

I have no clue who these men are. But I loved the fisherman vibe for this picture

I wish I could relive that night. It was amazing. The whole trip was amazing. Thank you for letting me share our trip with you! And thanks again to Eileen for making this trip possible!

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