Monday, May 26, 2014

arch madness

Today's post has 3 main characters--the arch, Maggi, and Mary Kate. I happen to love all three...hence the multitude of pictures of them.

When Maggi and I heard about the Malcom Martin Memorial Park in Illinois, we both immediately said "let's go!" The park has the perfect view of the St. Louis skyline. And while the park is located in East St. Louis, the only people we even came across complimented us on our coordinating outfits (and maybe made fun of Maggi for taking a picture of a bush.) So it doesn't fit in with the usual bad reputation that East St. Louis gets.

We started off our adventure at Bob's Drive-In for Kim's birthday lunch.

Then we headed out to the park

that fountain behind Maggi is a little hard to see but it's actually the second tallest fountain in the world, reaching a maximum height of 600 feet (which is the same height as the Arch...for all you trivia people)

isn't that view amazing?

Mary Kate nailed the Senior pose

and Maggi nailed that jump!

there are 250 cakes around the St. Louis area--we found 6 of them yesterday

the sky was pretty much this color...which makes the pictures not so impressive. But the view was still pretty amazing

there's a lookout point to get a better view

check out that reflection

in case Mary Kate did not see the 600 ft monument across the river

After finding a few cakes in the downtown area, we met up with Kim and the rest of the group (who had gone rock climbing) at Ted Drewes.

Such a delicious way to end the day!

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