Thursday, May 8, 2014

a birthday buddy party

In the last post I shared the first birthday photoshoot. Now it's time for the party!

So, you probably already know that Maggi and Evangeline share a birthday. It's still a big deal to me. I love that I get to celebrate my daughter and my best friend on the same day!  

birthday buddies last year and this year

I realized that day that I was pretty awful about taking good party decor pictures. But this kind of gives you and idea of how I decorated. And those paper fans? Yeah, those are going to stay. I love them!

We tried doing a little photo session right before the party but Evangeline wasn't too thrilled with doing that. She just wanted her mommy. 


I really wish I would have done a better job about getting pictures of Don and I with her. These are sadly the only ones I got with her.

I made matching cakes for the girls. I am no cake decorator. 

Kingston's face in this one cracks me up

Funny story. As the 25-30 of us (all gathered on our deck) finished singing "Happy Birthday," we heard the deck's wood start cracking. Evangeline was already starting to smash up her cake at this point and then there was complete chaos. Everyone started running inside to avoid the collapsing deck. So Evangeline had to finish the cake indoors. Thankfully, I was able to borrow a flash from a friend (thanks Rachel!) to snap a few pictures of my baby girl demolishing her cake. I'm not sure if she even ate more than a bite or two. She had the best time smashing it and throwing it on the floor. I think she may have 3 big brothers :)

After the party, I snapped a picture of the kids on the couch (on the right.) Then last night, I was looking back through the pictures I took a year ago and found this other picture from the night we brought her home from the hospital. I thought it was so sweet to see the change over the past year. But Kai's giant smile hasn't changed a bit!

We are so blessed to have this sweet little girl as our daughter. She has such a silly, happy personality when she feels comfortable in a situation. But the moment things are a little off, she becomes anti-social, serious, and a big time mommy-lover. She becomes more beautiful every day. I look forward to seeing her grow up and I pray that she will become a young woman who loves the Lord and seeks Him first!

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