Saturday, May 31, 2014

month in a minute (May edition)

I'm having tons of fun using our DSLR to record my videos every day. We are leaving for vacation tomorrow and I can definitely tell the last few days of videos show how crammed our days have been--not much time to work on it! 


I'm looking forward to getting away from the muggy midwest! We need the relaxation right now. Adios Missouri! See you soon!

Monday, May 26, 2014

arch madness

Today's post has 3 main characters--the arch, Maggi, and Mary Kate. I happen to love all three...hence the multitude of pictures of them.

When Maggi and I heard about the Malcom Martin Memorial Park in Illinois, we both immediately said "let's go!" The park has the perfect view of the St. Louis skyline. And while the park is located in East St. Louis, the only people we even came across complimented us on our coordinating outfits (and maybe made fun of Maggi for taking a picture of a bush.) So it doesn't fit in with the usual bad reputation that East St. Louis gets.

We started off our adventure at Bob's Drive-In for Kim's birthday lunch.

Then we headed out to the park

that fountain behind Maggi is a little hard to see but it's actually the second tallest fountain in the world, reaching a maximum height of 600 feet (which is the same height as the Arch...for all you trivia people)

isn't that view amazing?

Mary Kate nailed the Senior pose

and Maggi nailed that jump!

there are 250 cakes around the St. Louis area--we found 6 of them yesterday

the sky was pretty much this color...which makes the pictures not so impressive. But the view was still pretty amazing

there's a lookout point to get a better view

check out that reflection

in case Mary Kate did not see the 600 ft monument across the river

After finding a few cakes in the downtown area, we met up with Kim and the rest of the group (who had gone rock climbing) at Ted Drewes.

Such a delicious way to end the day!

Friday, May 23, 2014

do you believe in magic?

Today, I experienced a bit of chaos. The Gunbys have a Magic House membership, which includes a certain amount of free guest passes. When Molli first mentioned taking me and my kids and Val and her kids, I don't think I realized what I was getting myself into. You see, between us 3 girls, there are 10 children, 5 years old and younger (with 2 more on the way!) 

We were able to borrow the Lovings' big white beast (a 15 passenger.) Only after all the kids were strapped into the 10 car seats did I realize how crazy we were. I had to snap a picture with my phone. It seriously looked like we were running a daycare. 

And if I didn't have enough to do while there were 10 kids running in different directions, I decided that I had to bring my camera too. The picture quality definitely suffered but I couldn't just not take pictures of our outing. I didn't have much time to fiddle with the settings, but I'm glad this day was documented. So enjoy this very picture-heavy post :)

this picture makes me smile. Titus was waiting at the bottom to catch his apprehensive sister.

the Magic House has a "Sid the Science Kid" exhibit. I didn't realize the kids would be so in love with Sid. They ran, yelling and giggling, towards him to give him hugs and high-fives

the 3 beautiful Ray girls--can't wait to meet baby Sophie in a few weeks!

Their daddies both work for Fabick--so I had to get a picture of them with the Caterpillar

There's also a sand castle exhibit going on right now. This massive sand castle was pretty impressive!

By the time we made it on the highway, 5 kids were already passed out. One more fell asleep by the time she got home.

The "after picture" with my phone. It's probably a good thing that there wasn't any after pictures of the moms ;)

The most magical part about the Magic House today was the fact that we all made it out alive, and with the same 10 kids that we went inside with!

Okay, so if I'm being honest, it really wasn't too bad. The kids were all good listeners and didn't make us work too hard. In fact, buckling them all in afterwards was probably the worst part. 

Thank you Molli for treating us to a fun day! 
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