Monday, April 14, 2014

Life lately

Life lately, from my iPhone and our DSLR.

This was the beginning of April. Her eczema was out of control.

Liam is so much like his mommy. He loves to storm watch.

I have a ton of pictures of Evangeline. Because really, she has such a sweet face.
Kingston is her buddy. 

Willy is super cute. I just had to throw this one in.

This vintage Shirley Temple dress is one of my favorite thrift store finds

Though you can't really see it, Merri got a black eye. She also has the ability to look tough and beautiful at the same time.

We had a belated birthday celebration for Kai--Mcdonald's and Culver's!
(Just ignore the fact that he's not in any of these pictures from that night. I've already posted those)

I love to see him get lost in a book

Look how much her eczema has improved! And it currently looks even better now.

Kingston is usually pretty happy to cheese it up for the camera

 Spring weather=park days

After sleeping 17 hours the other night, I finally woke this girl up at 1pm

My first thought was that she was sick. But I was greeted with lots of smiles and the most cheerful baby ever--all day! I would be cheerful too if I got that much sleep!

Loving all the beauty that comes with spring!

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