Monday, April 21, 2014

kids say

Time for another edition of "Kids Say"...including Kingston's first contribution.

Me--"I want chili"
Liam--"What's chili?"
Me--"It has tomatoes, beans, and hamburger."
Liam--"Oh! I LOVE chili!"
Me--"You do?"
Liam--"Oh wait, was jello."

Liam was working on a Lego creation. When it broke he said "well this is awkward."

Me--"Kai, were you scared to go to the doctor?"
Kai--"yeah, I thought she was going to shot me."

A convertible with its top down drove by. Kai said "that car had no toppings."

Liam--"Is Sleeping Beauty the princess that sleeps a lot?"
Liam--"So does that mean that she's your favorite princess?"
Later, as I'm telling don about this conversation, I finished by saying
"Liam knows my priorities."
Liam--"yes I do!............what does that mean?"

Liam asked me to turn on the cold air when I started the van. It was a warm day so it was blowing hot air.
Liam--"Hey! This is hot heat! I wanted cold heat!"

Kingston--"Mommy, you are pretty."
Me--"Aww, thank you Kingston."
2 seconds later...
Kingston pointed to a rusted window frame and said "Pretty!!"

(It's a good thing he has a cute smile!)

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