Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I never want to forget

"Enjoy them while they're young because they grow up so fast." I hear it all the time. If I take my baby out in public, the comment I hear again and again is that "kids grow up so quickly." Sometimes I smile, nod in agreement, and don't say anything else. And then there's the other times, that (just for kicks) I smile and let them know that I've gotten a taste of that with my other 3 children. The look on their face when I tell them I have 4 kids who are 5 years old and younger is priceless. It's my form of entertainment.

But they are right. It does go so fast. And Don and I always like to talk about the things they do now or that they used to do that we hope we never forget. So I thought I'd make a list. Some people may find this boring to read. So I'll just spare you now. This is a list for my memory.

I never want to forget...how Liam wakes me up in the morning with a "good morning mommy!" and a kiss, hug, and a (very, very quick) foot, leg, and back massage.

I never want to forget...how my 5 year old, almost 4 year old, and 2 year old all have their blankies that they HAVE to have when they go to bed.

I never want to forget...how Kingston calls his blankie his "cover."

I never want to forget...that Liam cried when watching "Wizard of Oz" because the Wizard started to fly away in the hot air balloon, leaving Dorothy with no way to get home. He was heartbroken.

I never want to forget...how Kai wants to kiss everyone's noses. Before bed, he has to kiss your lips and then kiss your nose.

I never want to forget...that Kai has to have his "piggy" when he goes to bed.

I never want to forget...that Liam wants to be an artist when he grows up. He is drawing and coloring every single day.

I never want to forget...that Evangeline is a momma's girl. If I'm around, she wants me.

I never want to forget...that Kai has a dance move for every situation.

I never want to forget...that Kingston loves for us to read to him.

I could probably add so much more to this list but I'm trying not to overdo it right now. However, I do plan on keeping track of the little details to add to this list in the future.

And because I always feel the need to attach pictures anytime I post...here are a couple of adorable pictures of my baby girl.

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