Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love Love Love

I have been wanting some pictures of the "big brothers" with their "Miss Pretty." Valentine's Day seemed like the perfect time to get a few shots. So I rigged up a photo backdrop and asked Maggi to come snap a few pictures for me. And out of the many, many pictures taken, there wasn't a single one where all 4 of them were looking at her at the same time. But that's just what happens when you work with children. I still think she did a great job and I love the results!

I love that the boys each got an individual picture. They are adorable!

This picture cracked me up. Evangeline's tongue and Kingston revealing pretty much how they all felt at that point.

I LOVE this picture of the boys!

Thanks again, Maggi, for taking the pictures! I'm super tempted to invest in a DSLR to be able to better capture these memories. We shall see...

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