Thursday, February 27, 2014

iPhone snapshots and another edition of Kids Say

I haven't posted in a while. A little bit of "not enough time" and a whole lot of "winter blues" are the culprits. And I guess there just hasn't been much to post about. So I'll just share some pictures and some things the kids have said over the past month.

Kingston was running around shirtless this day. He ended up finding the warmest spot, where the sun was shining in. 

Target's dollar spot had $1 fedoras!

We went to the Burnin' Love event to celebrate St. Louis' 250th birthday. That night was extremely miserable. Soaked, ice cold, muddy feet. I need to find some rain boots!

Liam made a train track picture of me, thinking of a picture that he drew. That's a thought bubble.

Kingston deserves this. But really, lately, they are becoming pretty good friends. Kingston loves his "gully."

There's been a new card game addiction in our house. The other night, we played a 2 hour game of war. The secret to ending the game--throw Don in the mix and he somehow ends up losing pretty quickly.

I got a few minutes to work on some of these cute paper fan decorations!

The boys were pretending it was hot. So they put on swim trunks and flip flops. Kai and Kingston actually grabbed 12 month swim trunks. Not sure how Kai managed to squeeze into those!

Book club! A moment of peace as they read together.

Daddy with Evangeline. I just love that face. And she just looks so grown up in this picture.

This is the best color combination...seriously!

Throughout February, I've remembered to document some of the stuff the boys have said. 

In cgroup, Talking about what people see if they see your true self.
Pastor Scott- "what comes out of you when you're squeezed?"
Liam- whispering to me- "blood"

Kai- "Mommy, you're right!!"
Me- "Kai, mommy is always right."
Kai- "no, Jesus is."

Me- "Liam, if you could change something about me, what would you change?"
Liam- "Nothing" 
Me- "Why wouldn't you change anything about me?
Liam- "Because I REALLY love you!"

****Liam knows how to make me feel loved. 

Kingston (randomly chiming in to my conversation with Liam and Kai. 
"Jesus......ate........cocoa puffs"

 *****That's pretty much how all conversations with Kingston go. So random. 

Kai- "Mommy, what is the middle number...of all the numbers?"
Me- "Uhh...I don't know. But zero is the lowest number."
Liam- "Nu-uh mommy! Don't forget about negative numbers!"
Me- "......yeah. Thanks Liam. Zero is the middle number."

*****I predict many years of him correcting me with this stuff.

Liam- "I'm going to marry Penelope. I don't want to marry anybody that is older than me."
Me- "Why not?"
Liam- "Because I would not want an older person marrying me.......but you and daddy will probably be dead when me and Penelope get married."

Kai sneezed while eating a bowl of cereal. 
Kai- "I 'bless you-ed' in my bowl but I wiped it on the table."
Me- "That's gross, Kai. You are not supposed to wipe snot on the table."
Kai- "Can I lick the snot?"

Kai- "Mommy, I'm tired of everyone making noise-ic."

In case you missed the last Kids Say post, you can read those here!

A whole lot of randomness in one post!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love Love Love

I have been wanting some pictures of the "big brothers" with their "Miss Pretty." Valentine's Day seemed like the perfect time to get a few shots. So I rigged up a photo backdrop and asked Maggi to come snap a few pictures for me. And out of the many, many pictures taken, there wasn't a single one where all 4 of them were looking at her at the same time. But that's just what happens when you work with children. I still think she did a great job and I love the results!

I love that the boys each got an individual picture. They are adorable!

This picture cracked me up. Evangeline's tongue and Kingston revealing pretty much how they all felt at that point.

I LOVE this picture of the boys!

Thanks again, Maggi, for taking the pictures! I'm super tempted to invest in a DSLR to be able to better capture these memories. We shall see...

Sunday, February 9, 2014

When will it end?

In case there was any doubt before, it is winter. And it is cold. And way too snowy.  It is pretty, there's no doubt about it. But I'm so ready for spring. 
Today, when it started snowing AGAIN, I got Kingston bundled up to go outside for pictures. The snow didn't show up too well on my phone. And I think he was a bit in shock from the cold. 

He was confused when he saw the snow in my hair.

What a cutie pie!! Now to celebrate a night of the Beatles!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

February pictures

This picture is technically from January, during the filming of the silent film.

Liam got this great idea to play "library." There was complete silence that lasted for a few minutes. It was a beautiful, peaceful few minutes.

I love how cute this girl is...and that little baby chub tummy!

She's 9 months old now!

 And Menzi is in the double digits! 

*note* he didn't actually lick the batter!

I made a little Valentine's clip for her.

All this hugging quickly turned into wrestling. At least they love to take breaks and hug sometimes.

I'd say we're ready for it to warm up so we can play outside. Even 50 degrees sounds nice right now!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Super Roberts Brothers (Silent Film)

I've always loved making videos. Growing up, my friends and I would get together any chance we could get to make dorky little movies. We didn't really know what we were doing. We had to think outside the box because we didn't have programs to edit our videos when we were done. And to prove how "retro" and "vintage" we were, I'll let you know that those movies were filmed directly to a VHS. So old school.
But in recent months, it's become a fun hobby for me. I love videoing little snippets of each day and putting them together. I love that I married a musician (even more important, a composer!!) that can whip up any music that I request. However, when I came to him a couple weeks ago with my plan for a silent film, he wasn't too thrilled with the thought. That was not a genre that he felt comfortable writing in the least bit. But I know how talented he is, so I wasn't worried at all. 
So last weekend, with 2 of the kids skipping their naps, we worked and worked to film this movie. I had a whole vision with this film, with how it would look when it turned out, and I'm pleased that it turned out so well. We had a good time making it! I'm so happy that they'll have this memory on film when they get older. 

This movie was filmed with my iPhone with the 8mm app. Edited in Windows Live Movie Maker. (Just showing how fancy I am.) 

If you or anyone you know ever needs a composer for any project, my husband is the one for the job. He can write anything--and this video (and his website) prove it. That's my sales pitch! C'mon, we want him working from home!!
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