Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kids Say...

Kids say strange things. Some of the strangest things aren't documented because I forget to write them down. 
But here are just a few random things they've said recently that I thought were cute.

Kai-How many carrots do you have to eat to be as strong as Jesus?
Me-You can never be as strong as Jesus, no matter how many carrots you eat. 
Liam-Probably if you eat a trillion carrots, then you would be.

Me-Kai, who is your best friend?
Kai-mommy and daddy and Evangeline
Me-why are we your best friends?
Kai-cause daddy keeps liking you 

Liam-if I wear my whitey tighties, I'll have Christmas underwear!!
Me-what makes them Christmas underwear?
Liam-they look like snow!

Talking about what 'sin' is
Kai-like if you hit a piggy and he falls down and gets dead
Liam-no, then you just eat it

Me-Liam and Kai, stop trying to act like you know more than mommy and daddy do. Who has lived longer? 

I will do better about keeping track of things they say so I can remember their strangeness. I'm learning that Liam's mind is quite logical so he tends to be more sassy and literal. And I just never know what Kai will say. They crack me up!

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