Friday, December 6, 2013

Winter wonderland

From the time the snow started falling last night, the boys were asking to go outside to play. 
As much as I wanted to be inside and warm, I decided to take them out this afternoon. So as soon as Kingston and Evangeline were napping, we started layering and layering. That's the part I do not like about playing in the snow. Finding enough clothes to keep us warm. Or even worse, the aftermath; shedding all the wet, cold layers while you're shivering and confined to a tiny area (so you're not tracking snow everywhere.) 
We lasted maybe 30 minutes, which was plenty for me. I was actually the one to convince them to come inside because Kai's exposed arm was turning bright red. 

Kai looked like he should be in "A Christmas Story."

His favorite part was throwing snowballs. This is when he was throwing one at me.

It was hard to take pictures with frozen hands and gloves.

Liam had fun making snow angels and running around

I got one lame picture of all 3 of us before the boys ran away to play some more

I taught them the art of catching snow on their tongues

Liam found it easier to just pick up the snow that had already fallen

And then we attempted the whole "blow the snow for a cool picture" bit. Didn't turn out too well

And because I think red lipstick and snow just go together

We followed it up with some more hot chocolate, a space heater, and a couple of warm Sherpa blankets. Now as long as they keep the roads clear, I can deal with the snow for a while longer--from the warmth of my living room.

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