Saturday, December 14, 2013

Never Enough Lights, baby!

Because I never did a post about last weekend, I'll go ahead and wrap up this week with a few pictures before I write about our big cookie making extravaganza!
We visited the "Never Enough Lights" house in O'Fallon. This guy totally goes all out with his decorations. It's all programmed to Christmas music. It's always really fun to watch. 

Afterwards we went to the Harrelson's house. We learned some very amazing, exciting news!! Tim and Stef are having a baby!!! I thought it was exciting when she got married. But things just got kicked up a notch! I'm already dreaming up some homemade baby gifts for Baby Pip :)

The boys are loving anything and everything craft related lately. I'm not big into putting a lot of time or money preparing things for them to do--which forces me to try to be creative. And let's just say that my creativity gene isn't too big. So we made some snowmen pictures. They loved it.

Liam's has a "nightcap" and two ice cream cones on his head.

Kai's looks punk rock. I love his coloring style lately. Just random colored scribbles. 

Kingston enjoys it--even if I do most of the work for him.

In the meantime, someone is getting big and thinks it's great that she can pull herself up.

And she found a new facial expression that I love!

By the way, if you're looking for a great cold weather meal, try making this pretzel bread bowl recipe and filling it up with your favorite soup. I made them with some delicious cheesy potato soup. The combination was amazing! And if you have leftover bread bowls, you can broil them in the oven the next day to revive that good, fresh taste.
Coming up next--cookie decorating pictures galore!

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