Saturday, December 28, 2013

Polka party!

Last night the Tuckahoe gang spent some time with Jeremy Griesse, who was in town for Christmas. Upon walking in the door, I saw Maggi in her gray dress with black polka dots! Evangeline happened to also be wearing a gray dress with black polka dots. How fun! So of course I had to take a few pictures of these matching "birthday buddies." 
It is really easy to get Evangeline to smile for pictures. For some reason, she really loves the song "Pirelli's Miracle Elixir" from "Sweeney Todd." A bit strange--but I sing it any time I need/want a smile from her. Liam and Kai now love to sing it to her too. Who doesn't want to see that precious smile?

Another stomach bug has taken over at the Roberts' house. Don, Kai, and Evangeline are all down with this one. I hope it leaves our house and doesn't interfere with our New Years plans!
Today is a Netflix watching kind of day. So we will crack the windows on this warmer day and hope the bug leaves other half of the family alone.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Great Jewel Heist

In July 2012, we made a little movie with the boys. Don wrote all the music and we worked together to make a suspenseful, action packed plot. We had a lot of fun making it. I'm just sharing it again as I reminisce about that fun day. I'm thinking we need to make another!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Merry Christmas!!

In the process of this month's "Month in a Minute" video, I got quite a bit of extra footage. So instead of just transferring it to my computer and never watching it again, I decided to compile it into a Christmas video--highlighting some of this month's Christmas traditions and celebrations. It didn't turn out as great as I hoped for, but I'm sharing it anyway. And I also think you should check out Maggi's video. She did a great job!

Monday was the annual Tuckahoe Christmas gathering.

On Christmas Eve, we went to church for the Christmas Eve candlelight service. It's the first time we were able to be there for many, many years. I think the kids loved it, but Liam didn't feel well. After we got home, we started to walk to the Lovings' house to play some games for Merri's birthday when Liam threw up all over the street :( We quickly turned around and had a quiet evening at home.

Me and my baby girl got some pictures taken beforehand

I haven't decorated our house for Christmas for a few years. I have multiple excuses. I need more room, different decorations, different house, more chances to enjoy it, etc. It hasn't bothered me in the years past. But this year, the lack of Christmas morning excitement really was depressing. Don was already asleep by the time we got up. It just didn't feel anything like Christmas growing up. So this upcoming year, I'm going to get over all my excuses. I hope to check out some garage sales for new decorations, maybe find a white Christmas tree, sew some homemade stockings, and then decorate our house next year. 
We spent the rest of the day celebrating with family and friends. And Maggi took some super cute pictures for Evangeline's first Christmas. Thanks Maggi :)

I'm looking forward to finishing up my "Month in a Minute" video next week, along with a few more fun get togethers!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Amazing Grace

Last night was the annual Christmas singing celebration (does it have a name?) at church. We sang a few Christmas hymns and enjoyed the talents of many of the younger generation of Rockport.
Liam and Kai love the song "Amazing Grace" and sing it multiple times a day. Don and Liam have even been recording that song in the studio. So they got the chance to sing it on stage. Kai tried backing out earlier in the day. But in the end, he got on stage and sang because I bribed him with a sucker. 
They did a great job! I felt so proud of my boys. I look forward to many years of them learning and enjoying music with their dad. So for anyone who missed it (or want to see it again)--here it is. 

(Recorded with an iPhone. So again, not top notch quality.)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Christmas Celebration

Yesterday we had a Christmas brunch at my mom's house. Dan, Jessie, and Gracie were in town. They haven't been here for a year and a half so this was the first time Evangeline and Madolyn got to meet their cousin, Gracie. The boys were excited to spend some time with her as well. 

**Most of these pictures were taken from Jessie's facebook page.

All 7 grandkids

I love this baby girl and the fact that she loves to have her picture taken.

Kingston loved sitting on Uncle Dan's lap and rubbing icing on him.

We made some fingerprint mugs from the grandkids

Kingston refused to cooperate so we used his big toe. 

 I told Kai to say "chocolate!"

 The 3 girl cousins in their matching tutus.

Jessie made dino tails for all the boys. They absolutely love them.

Gracie, Jessie, and Evangeline

And Evangeline is always up for some pictures with her Uncle Muncle

Right after we were done with my mom's, we headed to Dough Depot to celebrate Merri's sweet sixteenth birthday. The food is delicious and the company is even better. 

Merri is beautiful, inside and out :)

The nutella chunk ice cream cake was amazing! Kingston agrees.

I have no idea what happened with the lighting in this picture. I was going to leave it out because of that but I just thought it was too cute. So I'm sharing it, bad lighting and all.

I still remember when Merri was born 16 years ago (on Christmas Eve) and I have loved watching her grow into a beautiful, ravishing red-headed young woman who loves the Lord. Happy Birthday Merri! I'm very happy to call you my friend :)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

It's the Holiday Season

The other night, Maggi asked if I would be interested in going to see the holiday decorated train that was coming to Union Station for a few hours. I thought the boys would really like it so we looked up some other places to visit in the city and made a day of it. 

We started out at the Courthouse. We heard it was decorated for Christmas. Well, that may have been an overstatement. While it had a few decorations, it was in no way decked out. But we did stay for a short while for some old English dancing. 

This is how I always see Maggi now, with a camera in hand.

After that we shot over to Union Station. This whole day was planned with that train in mind. The funny thing is that we didn't actually stop to look at it. There were tons and tons of people there. We ventured inside and got cookies with Mrs. Claus instead.

Kai was too scared to go over by her.

After indulging in a few more free samples, we headed to the City Gardens to see it all lit up. I'm pretty sure half the lights weren't working. But these light globes were pretty neat.

So the moral of the story--none of the events were that grand. But we had a good, cold time! 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Our Christmas Mess

Every year, the Tuckahoe/Lee gang get together for an annual Christmas cookie baking/decorating night. This year it finally got a much needed, very appropriate name: Our Christmas Mess. With 10 Tuckahoe children 5 and under, things tend to get messy. It has been so much fun adding new kids to the tradition each year. The Lovings had the dining room decked out for this special event. I only wish a camera could have captured the beauty. Perhaps Maggi got some good ones.

 Liam and Penelope are ready to begin

 Cutting out the cookies


After all the cookies were cut out, we let them finish baking/cooling while we indulged in some delicious chili. 

Reading time with Grandmamie. I worry that she won't know how to interact with the new grandchild on the way.

Now the fun part! Time to decorate! We have a good amount of creativity in our group.

Kingston made a penguin. Maybe Kim helped a little?
 Even though she didn't participate, she still got to wear some festive clothes and look like a doll baby!

The boys loved every bit of it.

We made Peter Pan!

He was excited about our Captain America shield

Maggi is very serious about making a special man every year. She has already made a Han Solo before, but this year he was also accompanied by a Luke Skywalker, (made by me), and 2 Darth Vaders (made by Molli and PJ)

I guess we all had the minion idea at the same time.

Part of our tradition is to get pictures of all the cookies when they are done and a big group shot of all of us with the cookies. This year, the tradition ended. Most of the group went in the living room to watch The Muppet Christmas movie, while the slightly more mature group sat in the dining room, spending some quality time together.

After the movie ended, I asked Liam what he thought about it (because although I didn't directly say it, you should know that I did not watch the movie with them.) Liams response--"it was super duper long! *sigh*"

I guess he won't be wanting to watch that one again any time soon. 

We had such a fun night with people who are so dear to us. I can't wait to see the pictures Maggi took! Thanks to the Lovings for allowing us to join in. And for the yummy, yummy chili!

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