Saturday, November 2, 2013

FALLing in Love

Cheesy blog title. But let's face it, I love puns. And I love fall. And I love Maggi. 

Maggi and I went to Castlewood Park this evening. I got so many good pictures that I want to post without looking obsessed with Maggi. So I'll do it here. The trees were beautiful. So was the sunset. 

Castlewood has many great lookout points. Not designed for girls in boots. But we don't care!

We found this fallen tree. It was perfect for taking pictures. Unfortunately, some guys saw us there and hijacked our spot when we walked away. 

We found a lovely spot to watch the sunset. 

She looks like Merri with the way the sun was shining on her hair

I told you I looked obsessed. She was a great subject!
Perhaps I'll have to find somewhere else to go tomorrow.

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