Friday, September 20, 2013

#robertstakeontheeastcoast day 3

It is hard keeping up with these blog posts while we are still on vacation. We've had super full days and I've been ready to go to bed at 8 (7pm central.) But, if I don't write it all as it's happening, I'll fall very behind and feel overwhelmed. And I'll probably forget everything. 

Anyway, day 3 of vacation--which also happened to be our first full day at the Outer Banks. That day was super windy, which also made it chilly. We decided that would be a great day to do the other things on our list and avoid the beach. We started out at the Aquarium. The alligators and otters weren't out that day and the majority of the place was mainly fresh water fish. So that was disappointing. Salt water fish are always much prettier! But they did make up for it with a room where you can touch sting rays, starfish, hermit crabs, etc. And also, a shark tank. That was fun!

Evangeline was ready for a bottle at this point

Liam looks so impressed 

And of course, we always have to stop at a penny machine for Maggi! This is the only one we've seen so far :(

We walked out to the dock 

Since 5 year olds aren't good with cameras, we've had to just hold our arms out and take pictures of us together

One of the things that ranked high on my to-do list was a visit to the Bodie Island Lighthouse. Lighthouses fascinate me and I love black and white stripes! It was so pretty and picturesque. Unfortunately, the wind prevented us from staying very long. The lighthouse is open for people to climb up top but we didn't bother. 

I included this lovely picture of us to show just how bad the wind was. I picked a bad day to wear my hair down

But the pictures turned out so pretty, right?

That last picture makes it look like we were the only ones there. There were quite a few people but I captured the picture at the perfect moment.

And of course, it is not possible for me to pass thrift stores and ignore them! So we stopped at a couple. I found a super cute skirt for Evangeline at this one

We went to Jeannette's Pier that afternoon. It's a long, long dock that goes pretty far out into the water. We were able to watch some surfers. The waves were huge from all the wind. (Did I mention it was windy?) Well, the wind was especially strong as we walked out on the Pier. There were fish plaques on the boardwalk. Liam ran all the way down them. He claimed that this was one of his favorite parts of vacation. 

After searching and searching, we found a coffee shop for Don. 
At this point, it was time to head back and eat. The boys played with Legos and then crashed!

So with all those things checked off our list, we were prepared for the next day at the beach. 
But not before we got some much needed sleep!

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