Saturday, August 24, 2013


Hashtags are the bomb! #timanie is the hashtag we are using for Tim and Stef's wedding and the weeks leading up to it. Maggi and I look for any excuse to use it. Last week we set up for their wedding shower. It was a great time with lots of good, Biblical marriage advice. And because it was a Rockport event, there was lots of good food. Brunch, to be exact! It was a lovely shower and they were blessed with lots of gifts!

Evangeline had fun watching us set up 

The Tuckahoe Tribe got them this gigantic, unique, custom sign

Today we had her Bridal shower. Complete with delicious Ex-cop Donuts!!
**just a little side note here--I had an "adverse reaction" to a mouth rinse at the dentist on Monday. As a result, I lost the ability to tastes sweet. Probably the worst reaction anyone could ever have to a mouth rinse. Except maybe if it had stopped my breathing. Anyway, today was the first day I was able to taste sweets all week! I'm so thankful it kicked in today!!

We had a little photo session this morning before heading up to church 

The bride with her bridesmaids

A friendship that has been brewing for the past 20 years. Distance will never change it ;)

We all happened to coordinate with each other and the decorations

Here's my 'artistic' donut man

And just because I think she is oh, so cute!!!

2 more weeks until the wedding day! Next week--bachelorette party! 

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