Saturday, August 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Liam!!

I have a 5 year old! I can hardly believe it! People have always said how quickly kids grow up. But now I'm experiencing it. It seems so recently I was pregnant with my first child. Now I can barely remember what life was like without children. Or even what it was like when we only had Liam. 
Liam has been such a blessing to us. He is sweet, hilarious, compassionate, and insanely smart! He never ceases to impress me. Around the time he turned 4, we started reading lessons. He is a great little reader now. He loves to learn and I hope he is always like that. We are starting Kindergarten with him this year. Not super structured but just giving him new things to learn. 
He is a wonderful big brother and I think he will always have a special relationship with his baby sister. He loves to hold her, talk to her with a sweet little voice, and sing songs to her. 
He loves to draw and color all the time. Give him a piece of paper and a pen and he will be entertained for a long, long time. He has also been in a stage for the past year where he will not let me fix his hair. He wears hats--all the time!

So now, the questions and answers I got from him on his birthday. 

Favorite color- purple, pink, red, and yellow
Favorite food- cinnamon rolls
Favorite tv show- Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Favorite movie- Tinkerbell
Favorite holiday- Easter 
Favorite school subject- handwriting
Favorite game- Quikopoly (Quiktrip Monopoly)
Favorite thing to do with:
Daddy- Play Earthboud
Mommy- make bracelets and necklaces
Kai- play superheroes 
Kingston- show him how to finish a puzzle
Evangeline- sing to her and talk to her
Favorite restaurant- Chick fil a
Best friends- Menzi, Autumn, Abby, Penelope, Titus, and Kai
Favorite thing to do outside- swim
Favorite drink- juice
Favorite song- Amazing Grace
Favorite Bible verse- Ephesians 4:32
Favorite animal- pony (I have never heard him mention this before!)
Favorite toy- "all my barbies" I'm sure he's going to love that answer in a few years
Favorite dessert- Ice cream cake
Favorite instrument- ukulele and harp
Favorite superhero- Captain America
What he wants to be when he grows up- an artist

I'm pretty sure I have his answers from his 4th birthday tucked away in a box. When I come across it, I can't wait to compare his answers and see if anything has changed in the past year. 
Because of all the #timanie wedding preparations, I decided not to have a party for Liam this year. I usually like to do a little something, especially now that he's at an age to enjoy it, just to show him how much we love him. But I think he knows it :) I tell him all day long. Last Sunday was the church picnic so I made a giant ice cream cake for him and Audrey (who also shares a birthday with him.) Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to them. I think Liam thought the whole picnic was planned for him. He was so excited the whole day. Plus he got to swim!

Then on his birthday, we celebrated as a family. First we had to take Evangeline to the doctor because her eczema was getting out of control, then we hit up Chick fil a (his request.) 

He got a free ice cream cone

Kim gave him his awesome new flat billed hat. He looks adorable in it!!

This picture was actually not posed. I snapped it really quickly in between some different "stunts" he was showing me. I love this picture!

I'm so excited to see what kind of new adventures we will have with our 5 year old this year! I'm praying The Lord will save him soon and that he will be used in a mighty way! 

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