Thursday, August 1, 2013

Botanical Gardens

Last week, a day after our AC was repaired, The Lord blessed us with the most beautiful weather. Totally unexpected for July in St. Louis. But one thing I've noticed from 25 years of St. Louis living is that the weather here is unpredictable. We've had our air off all week. Low 80s during the day and dropping in the 60s at night. Unbelievable! This has been my favorite summer ever! I hate extreme heat or cold. I need some Hawaiian living! 

Anyway, last Wednesday was the anniversary of Mr. Shaw's birthday. He was the founder of the Missouri Botanical Gardens. That meant free admission all day! With Maggi and Mayci on their way to Chicago, I felt very responsible for documenting our day. While I didn't take tons of pictures, as Mayci would have, I did get some!

I think I'm standing next to "Mr. Shaw"

They seriously go crazy over the Botanical Gardens. 

I'm telling you, this lovely lady loves Hostas.

Penelope and Kingston were amazed by this giant library

They loved the children's area.

After that, we went to Crondelet park for lunch. It was a beautiful view!

They had tons of fun running around the building we were in 

Even though Botanical Gardens is not what I call a fun place, we had a fun day! Lots of time outdoors, exactly what the boys need these days!

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