Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A lull

There's been a lull in our activities lately. That's good. We've still been busy, just not much to write about. However, it's about to get really, really busy. Our schedule is pretty booked for the next 2 months. A lot of not so fun stuff mixed in with the really exciting countdown to Tim and Stef's wedding!
So what's been going on with us?

Baby girl is now 3 months old. Currently, she's dealing with extreme eczema on her head and shoulders. I just ordered a probiotic for her--I hope it helps! I feel so bad for her and her itchy head!

Liam begged to hold her while they watched "Homeward Bound."

My little sailor boy, looking so cute. Not acting that way. I didn't really want to blog about how much this little troublemaker drives me crazy. But I'm hoping that one day I can look back and see that he has come a long way from the little boy who would throw things in the toilet, torment his brothers (yeah right), take his diaper off at naptime/bedtime, destroy everything, and disobey at all times. 

A rare picture of E without her headband. Someone likes to take them off of her, not naming any names.

I know it's hard to see but we had Tim and Stef over last week. It was a great time! We had to introduce Tim to S&J. 

Oh yeah, and then there was a police motorcycle in Shop n Save

My friend, Amanda, came to visit with her baby, Margot. We went to Dough Depot for lunch--amazing!

Lots of game playing for the boys. Earthbound, monopoly, Quikopoly. Yeah, Quiktrip has their own version. The boys are obsessed. 

Lots of rain this summer. Lots of rain dances
A spiderweb in the rain

Liam and the little frog he caught

The boys begged to go to my dentist appointment. They knew there was a tv. 

And that's the place that set me up for all the not so fun activities coming up. A gum cleaning, lots of cavities to fill, and an appointment with the oral surgeon to talk about how many wisdom teeth to remove. There's a possibility only one needs to be removed!!

And now ending this post with one more super cute picture of Evangeline! She is so photogenic!

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