Friday, July 5, 2013

July 4th

As we do every year, we spent the evening at church, watching fireworks all over Arnold. I didn't really take pictures besides mine and Maggi's mini photoshoot. We were showing off our half sleeves. After we got home and in bed, I got the pleasure of listening to more fireworks outside our open windows until I finally was able to drift off some time after midnight. Fireworks during the proper hours are great. But c'mon, after midnight in a subdivision? No thanks!

Liam showing off his tat

And Kai 
Kingston wouldn't stand still for a picture

Evangeline did not look so impressed at that moment. 

And now, our cheesy photoshoot. 

I'm feeling hated for my American pride

A big thanks to Merri Loving for putting up with us and taking our pictures!

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