Friday, July 26, 2013

Brush brush brush

Last week Liam and Kai had their first dental appointments. I was a little nervous that Kai would flip out but he did really well. He just requested a normal toothbrush instead of the "spinning one." Liam loved the whole experience, especially the TVs that are in the exam rooms! C'mon, they did not have this stuff when I was a kid! The great news is that both boys are in the No Cavity Club! And ironically, they received tokens for free sugary ice cream from Culvers. Kai was able to eat his that night. Liam had a bad cough that day. After giving him some cough medicine, he zonked out at 5pm and slept all night. I was waiting to blog about the dentist until we took Liam for his ice cream but that hasn't happened yet. So no pictures of him with his ice cream. The boys love brushing their teeth and have been known to have complete meltdowns if we try to put them to bed without brushing their teeth. 


The next day the Tuckahoe Tribe was invited to swim with the McAllisters. Liam was the only one of our kids brave enough to get in the water. Well, with the exception of Evangeline's brief first swim. I think she liked it :) She seems to love the water. The other boys do too, whenever they feel more in control of the situation. 

The only time in her life that she's allowed to wear a bikini :)

Evangeline is starting to catch up to Legacy

Jenni's parents live with the most gorgeous country view. 

Hopefully these boys get their water legs before our September vacation! 

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