Sunday, July 28, 2013

Water you waiting for?

Last week, on a whim, we decided to visit City Garden, a park in downtown St. Louis. They have a giant splash pad. Ever since our swimming day at the McAllister's the week before, Kai and Kingston have been a little afraid of the water. Kingston has now gone back to being scared of bath time. Liam loved the splash pad. Kai avoided it at all costs, and Kingston would hug his daddy tight as Don carried him through the water. We had a fun time. It was a hot day, around 91, but it felt pretty good at the park. I can't say the same thing about our house. The AC wasn't working properly. The Northcutts checked it out and told us the bad news--no AC all night until he could fix it the next day. He said if we used it, it could explode! Talk about intense. Let's just say--that was a bad night. I took ambien to make it through. 

Slowly introducing Kingst to the water

Kai was a lot happier playing on the statues 

After we went home and suffered in the heat for a while, Maggi invited me to go watch the sunset at the cemetery. Although, a giant cloud was right in front of the sun. We may not have seen the sunset but we enjoyed the lovely light from the golden hour. We will have to go back and watch a real sunset soon. 

Maggi is so lovely!

Evangeline and Legacy napping together 

When we got back from the cemetery, I avoided my house until as late as I could. 
The next day was another hot day. The temperature in our house climbed and climbed until it was 88! I took the kids outside to play in the pool to avoid being in our hot house. Kingston wasn't afraid of this water but he still is afraid of bath time. Thankfully, Gary fixed the AC at 12:30 and we were able to enjoy the cool air the rest of the day. 

This is what happens when a regular diaper gets wet. 

And I just had to throw this cute picture in with the rest

Next up--botanical gardens! But that will be for another day!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Brush brush brush

Last week Liam and Kai had their first dental appointments. I was a little nervous that Kai would flip out but he did really well. He just requested a normal toothbrush instead of the "spinning one." Liam loved the whole experience, especially the TVs that are in the exam rooms! C'mon, they did not have this stuff when I was a kid! The great news is that both boys are in the No Cavity Club! And ironically, they received tokens for free sugary ice cream from Culvers. Kai was able to eat his that night. Liam had a bad cough that day. After giving him some cough medicine, he zonked out at 5pm and slept all night. I was waiting to blog about the dentist until we took Liam for his ice cream but that hasn't happened yet. So no pictures of him with his ice cream. The boys love brushing their teeth and have been known to have complete meltdowns if we try to put them to bed without brushing their teeth. 


The next day the Tuckahoe Tribe was invited to swim with the McAllisters. Liam was the only one of our kids brave enough to get in the water. Well, with the exception of Evangeline's brief first swim. I think she liked it :) She seems to love the water. The other boys do too, whenever they feel more in control of the situation. 

The only time in her life that she's allowed to wear a bikini :)

Evangeline is starting to catch up to Legacy

Jenni's parents live with the most gorgeous country view. 

Hopefully these boys get their water legs before our September vacation! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Cow Appreciation Day

Two posts in one day?! I know. Just wanted to share my pictures from cow appreciation day. I'm always really bad about getting pictures of our family when we all dress up. So these are the best I have. I did a little photoshoot with Evangeline for the contest on Chick-fil-a's website. Not likely that she'll win but it was fun anyway. I tried the chargrilled chicken club or something. It had bacon and cheese on it. Not impressed. I'm trying really hard to enjoy grilled chicken. I think the wrap was better when I tried that. Oh well! At least it was free!

I was asked if the boys were triplets tonight. That's a first. People are always asking if Liam and Kai are twins but I've never been asked about triplets. To be fair, Kingston's back was turned to her and he was standing on the chair. The boys were sitting. And she was a sweet old lady so I didn't make fun of her for the mistake :)

It was hard to choose which picture to use for the contest. I narrowed it down to 14 but I ended up using the one below. (I started with a couple hundred! Yikes!)

Evangeline really enjoyed our trip out for dinner. 

We did dress up. You just can't see much of it

Always a fun time at Chick-Fil-A events! Looking forward to another opening soon!!

The beloved blankies

Liam will be 5 in just over a month. We started some kindergarten work with him this past week. I guess he's done kindergarten work since he turned 4, because that's when I started to teach him to read. He is a great reader now and is doing super well with kindergarten math! We just really need to work on that kid's handwriting. Just over the few days we've been doing the math workbook, I've seen his numbers improve. I have a fast learner who loves to learn. I mean, that kid! I have to actually force him to stop and take breaks. 
Why am I saying all this? Because this grown up kid, the kindergartner, the one who is about to turn 5? Yeah, him. He still loves his blankie. The one he has had since he was a baby. We've had moments of frantically searching for that thing right before bedtime. There used to be days he would refuse to sleep without it. But now, there are random nights he forgets it. And he doesn't carry it with him everywhere. Our days with this blankie are coming to a close. However, Kai is still pretty obsessed with his blankie and Kingston is in the beginning stages of loving his. His love of the blankie is coming later in life. He wants one because his brothers have one. He wants to fit in, I suppose. So while I'll miss these blankie days, I know there are more good things to come!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Porta Potty Fun

I hadn't even planned on blogging about our adventure to watch fireworks at Jefferson Barracks the other night. Not that we didn't have a great show and some wonderful company (Maggi and Willy) but nothing about the night stood out for me to write. And not many pictures to share. But as I was telling Don my adventure to take the boys to pee, I realized the story was too awful not to write and remember forever. 
As we finally parked and walked to the extremely crowded area where we would eventually sit down to enjoy the fireworks, Liam said the last thing I wanted to hear from his mouth that night. The words I dreaded more than anything at that moment. "Mommy, I need to go potty! Really bad!" Having two potty trained children is wonderful! It really is awesome. Except when you're at a park with a huge crowd and a big row of porta potties. So now it's past 8, it's dark, it's hot, and I have Evangeline in the moby wrap. And now I have to take Liam to go potty. What could be worse than that? Oh yeah, now Kai has to go too. So we stand in line and we wait. As we're approaching the front of the line, I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to survive the next few minutes. I have never actually been in a porta potty before. I have done everything in my power to avoid that situation. But now I have no choice. It's our turn. We walk in, close the door, and we can't see a thing. There we were. 4 of us in a stinky, dark porta potty with literally 2 square feet of standing room. I dig around in my pocket to find my phone. I turn on the flashlight and was finally able to lock the door. However, the flashlight also revealed inside the toilet. Kai was not too pleased. So now I have a whiny, scared kid. Remember, it's hot and I have Evangeline strapped to my chest. Liam needs help getting up on the seat so he doesn't have to touch anything with his hands. So I took a huge risk and handed my phone to Kai. He was supposed to be shining the light so we could see. He was shining it at the ground. And I'm nervous the entire time, expecting my phone to be dropped in the toilet any minute. We survived! But wait, now it's Kai turn. He's terrified. I set him on the seat but he is so disgusted that he can't pee. I don't blame him. At this point, I am drenched in sweat. We slather on the hand sanitizer and walk out. A breath of fresh air has never been so refreshing. We survived the porta potty and I hope I never have to do it again. 
We didn't get any good pictures of us, I got one lame picture of the fireworks (which actually ended up looking pretty cool if you think of it with a galactic mindset) and then we spent like an hour trying to get out of the place. 
But I always enjoy getting to spend time with Maggi. And of course all the other Lovings. So we still had a good time. 
Here are a few pictures we snapped at church while we waited for Maggi and Willy. Kingston ran away so I didn't get any of him. I feel like that's the story of my life.

He reminds me of Mark in this picture 

This is so Kai 

Galactic fireworks

And this beauty is 2 months old!!

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