Sunday, June 30, 2013


Just a quick post to share some pictures. We went to First Baptist Church of Arnold tonight for the fireworks show. Liam and Kai held their hands over their ears the entire time. Kai didn't cry until the very loud finale. Surprisingly, Kingston didn't cry. Evangeline wasn't too happy being in the wrap towards the end but settled down as I took her out to watch. 
Now, for the pictures!

Check out Liam's sweet moves!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

I think he's ready for the job

Today I was telling the boys they have to be very gentle with Evangeline because she's a baby girl. I said that they're going to have to protect her because they are her big, strong brothers. In a very serious voice, Kai said "do we just gotta shoot boys?" 
Only 3 and he's already ready for the job!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Storm watching

It's sort of a Roberts family tradition. Last night was Evangeline's first experience. I have always loved watching and listening to storms. It's so relaxing and puts me in such a good mood. One of our favorite things to do as a family is sit on our porch swing and watch the rain pouring down. The boys love to play in the rain. One day soon, when I don't have plans after the storm, I plan to join them. Since Stef has been waiting for a blog post about our love of storm watching, I made sure to snap a few pictures of us on the swing. 

Our new garage sale chair that Liam has claimed for himself. 

We were playing with Instagram's new video feature. Liam's dancing in the rain was the perfect opportunity. 

Liam is the cutest photo bomb!

These are the first and only pictures we have of all 6 of us. That needs to change. 

This is what Evangeline thought of all our photoshoots. 

 Let's hope there are more opportunities to storm watch again soon!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

He loves me!

I have a lot that I probably should spend time writing. A few cute things the boys have said, an update on Evangeline. But honestly, I feel overwhelmed with how much I can write that I tend to avoid it. So for tonight, I'm writing a quick story because it literally just happened and I don't want to forget it. The boys were getting ready for bed, I gave them hugs and kisses before they went in their room and Don put them in bed. A few minutes later, I hear cries from their room. Kai sounds upset. I walked in and asked him what was wrong. Through his tears he said "I love you too." So I asked "you're crying because you wanted to tell mommy that you love me?" He said "yeah" as he laid back down to go to sleep. Such a sweet moment that I don't want to forget. Kai can be really whiny and stubborn sometimes. He can also be hyper and wild and climbing all over you. And then there's the sweet smiley Kai that wants to give hundreds of kisses and hugs. The Kai that will interrupt me when I'm upset about something to say "guess what mommy? I love you!" 
I love that kid. (And the others, of course!) 

One more thing, this kid loves his baby sister!

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