Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kai is 3

Kai is 3 (and has been for a few weeks) but I'm just getting around to typing up his "interview" answers that we did on his birthday.
Age: 3
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite animal: bunny
Favorite song: Jesus loves the little children
Favorite toy: trucks
Favorite game: Funny Bunny
Favorite food: chicken, hot dogs, and little ham & cheese sandwiches
Favorite drink: milk
Favorite dessert: cookies
Favorite thing to do with mommy: make cookies
Favorite thing to do with daddy: play chess
Favorite thing to do with Liam: play with trains
Favorite thing to do with Kingston: push him on his bike
Best friend: Mysti
What he wants for birthday dinner: Pizza
Favorite movie: Chronicles of Narnia
Favorite restaurant: Chick Fil A
Favorite instrument: Drums with Woody
What do you want to do when you grow up: work with daddy at Chick Fil A
Favorite superheroes: Superman and Robin

Now, some of these answers are not very consistent with what he tells me the other times I ask. But these are the answers he gave me that day. Liam also answered the questions that day but we already did one for him for his birthday (pre-blog) and I will do it again when he turns 5. That's coming too soon! But not as soon as Evangeline's due date, only 10 days away!

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