Thursday, February 21, 2013

Homemade hot chocolate

Since today was the big snow storm, I wanted to let the boys have a special treat, hot chocolate. Unfortunately (for them) we don't ever drink it. I quickly googled a recipe for homemade hot chocolate and picked Martha Stewart's recipe. Her recipe makes 92 servings. Besides not needing that much, we didn't have enough cocoa to make it. So I halved the recipe.
(For my future self)
I used
1 3/4 sugar
1 cup cocoa
1/8 cup dark cocoa
1/2 tablespoon salt

The dark cocoa was only because I ran out of regular cocoa. Anyway, I sifted it all together to get rid of lumps and stored it in the cocoa container I had just emptied. The recipe calls for 2 tablespoons after heating up a cup of milk. We each had about half. Then we added our marshmallows and enjoyed! I wouldn't normally drink it but I wanted to try it. It was actually really good and I would be happy to make a cup for anyone who comes over ;)
Anyway, now to follow up with some blurry iPod pictures.
Kai begged for this special cup that Maggi gave me for Christmas. Liam just got what I gave him. I am not pictured because it was a lazy day--I was not camera ready.
And Kingston misses the fun because he naps. Coming soon--a post about Kingston. Because he doesn't have a post dedicated to him yet and he is hilarious!

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